Hello from Shimona and Neil! We’re the founders of Shimmer Bazaar, an online store for all your desi event needs. You no longer have to ask your family and friends to bring you jewellery and outfits from overseas because we are bridging this gap in the Australian market by providing you with everything you need right at your doorstep. We run our store from Sydney, Australia and have combined our separate passions for beauty and e-commerce and shared Indian heritage to bring you a truly unique offering.

website: walkingrain.org

3 things you didn’t know about our business:

1. Majority of our products are Australian made and owned

2. Shimmer Bazaar was started in the midst of the pandemic

3. There’s no one else like us in the Australian market!

We hope to become a staple name in South Asian families living in Australia, who think of Shimmer Bazaar immediately whenever they have an upcoming event/function. We would love to ship internationally one day too!

Shimona’s all time favourite product on Shimmer Bazaar is the ‘5 Pair Faux Mink False Eyelashes’ because of the cute names, fantastic quality and incredible price point!

One-Stop-Shop for all your South Asian event needs!
20+ South-Asian Australian owned brands⁠

One flat delivery fee of just $9.99

Cruelty-free beauty range

Super convenient! – shop an entire look from head-to-toe for your next event

Free Shipping over $200

Leave the ears refreshed.
Walking Rain is the name the Indians of New Mexico gave to fast summer rainstorms that sweep across the desert leaving the air and ground refreshed. The music of Coale Johnson and Bob Bruen covers the open spaces between folk, country, blues and swing. A Bluegrass/New Grass veteran, Bob plays mandolin, guitar and sings with the likes of David Grisman, Vasser Clements and Mike Marshall. Coale, a graduate of Depaul Univeristy and Berkelee School of Music, plays guitar, bass, and sings. Coale performed blues and jazz since childhood and has two jazz albums under his belt, playing with renowned musicians: George Marsh, Karl Perazzo and Benny Reitveld.

Bob Bruen
Bob Bruen
Bob Bruen is a mandolinist, composer and singer. He has been playing and teaching mandolin since 1970 after hearing David Grisman on a Grateful Dead record. Since taking up the mandolin he has performed professionally in the Bay Area in… More

Coale Johnson
Coale Johnson: American singer, songwriter and guitarist, was 14 when his musical journey started… He “borrowed” his sister’s guitar and she never really got it back! Coale started his formal studies in Chicago and then went on to Berklee School… More

Rudy Cipolla
Rudy Cipolla Archives
It was in the Fall of 1971 that I was introduced to the world of Rudy Cipolla. At the time I was seeking a mandolin teacher and Rudy’s name was given to me by the man from whom I bought… More

Corrales Bistro Brewery
4908 Corrales Rd.
Originals, Americana & Jazz

Derailed At Sage Inn
725 Cerrillos Road
6-8 pm|Free
Originals, Americana & Jazz

La Tienda Farmers Market
The Agora In Eldorado
Originals, Americana & Jazz

Sacred Grounds Cafe
2704 Sudderth Dr, Ruidoso, NM
7–9pm|$10 + Free CD!
Originals, Americana & Jazz
We can provide you with help in relation to any of the beauty products listed on our website. As we are a stockist for jewellery and fashion, any concerns relating to a brand’s products, is to be addressed with them as they have the appropriate product knowledge.

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