• Outside Agitators

    This is Walking Rain incognito. It is a Bob and Coale project recorded in New Mexico and Bakersfield. This is a flashback to our jazz-rock days when we were very electric, funky and political. Unlike the other Walking Rain recordings it has full band on every cut. Warning: do not put this one on if you want something peaceful and reflective! It ain’t easy being us and here we let you in on how it feels!! Even ex-wives and others that knew us back in the day love it but I think time and distance have helped us out a bit! We can call it memory lane now but at the time it may have felt more like a dark alley! It must be to be played at maximum volume to be properly experienced.

  • New Release: Cowboy Haiku

    The new Walking Rain CD features originals as well as five penned by the likes of Leadbelly, Guy Clark and John Hiatt, continuing the tradition of an acoustic based sound sans percussion (with an occasional electric guitar). Picture sitting around a campfire while the seasoned stringmen spin their tales of life, love and hardship between sips of coffee laced with a little pick-me-up, while the coyotes howl their approval in the night as the wind sends showers of sparks towards a starry sky. A little blues, rock, western...and a lot of soul. So grab a seat and gather round for some seriously good tunes.

  • Sixteen Miles

    "Sixteen Miles" is the next step in the musical journey of Coale Johnson and Bob Bruen (Walking Rain). Expanding on the themes presented in the first album this collection features an enigmatic original, (Owens Valley Blues) as well as a little gospel, jazz, rockabilly and 60's folk rock. Master bassist Jon Gagan of Santa Fe lends his talents to the sessions providing a solid foundation to the unique Walking Rain vocal and instrumental style. Defying category, this music will linger in the mind long after the popular music of the day has faded.

  • Attractive Livestock

    Hello web travelers, welcome to our home, this is Coale talking to you . . . Bob wrote the blurbs about the other CDs. He was an English major in college, cannya' tell? Anyway, the music on the Attractive Livestock CD is what you yourself might create if you brought a bunch of mules and horses and moved to the Eastern Sierra wilderness. Actually, I did that so you don't have to, just listen to the music on this CD.

  • Walking Rain

    Walking Rain was formed after a holiday recording session that was a gift from Bob to Coale for his 50th birthday. Longtime friends and sometime musical collaborators in the Bay Area for 25 years, the sessions (recorded in Santa Fe and two years in the making) reflected their diverse musical backgrounds and what emerged was a unique form of "Americana." Primarily acoustic, the music is a reflection of the desire to return to the roots and create a "backporch sound," eschewing the perfection of the modern studio recording. Well received critically, this collection of songs is a refreshing alternative what is found on the radio today.